Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ice skating.

so anyways.today.hmmm.i had summer gym(which is for a credit, not because i failed) at 7:30. and we ice skated. dude. it was so.much.fun. so i kinda suck at skating. but it was still fun. and i only fell down twice. and then i laid down on my back and kara pulled me around like a mop or something. try it some time. and we played hockey. can you say mvp? because that was me. haha. just kidding. there was a down side. we had to
wear helmets. and i couldn't find one that fit. and so mine was huge. i was like a fricken bobble head. but then jake pulled me around by the face mask. dude. another fun thing. again, try it. so yeah. that was the morning. and then i came home. and napped. and then showered and watched last night's secret life. and now here i am. a little bit cold. so, what's going on with your life? comment. oh and my teeth hurt. i got my braces back on and it kinda looks like i got beat with an ugly stick. okay not that bad, but not good.