Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th of july everybody!so i got up and my dad was making waffles and they were getting stuck to the waffle maker. so supposedly there was a waffle fiasco while i was in the shower. i then got dressed and came down for breakfast. then we were off to the parade. and it was like the longesrt parade ever. and then everybody went to the park. and then we came home. and i read (again) and i almost finished my terrible stupid book. so yeah. whatever. pretty average day.

yesterday was pretty boring. i got up and ate cinnamon toast crunch (i think i'm addicted to it) and got ready. then i read my stupid book, which i am trying to finish but has such a dumb and predictable storyline. and i sat around and layed outside for a little bit. then i was invited over to my neighbors house and we played like five million board games and watched step up, which i've never seen before (sad i know, but i saw the second one) and then i came home and went to sleep.

Friday, July 3, 2009

i had summer gym again yesterday. and it was the last day of ice skating. ): and vanessa bought me a blue slushie. it was delicious. and my tongue turned totally blue. and then i came home and showered (hence the beauty stuff from my dresser) i put on that shirt, made for me by my friends (which i would have made myself, but i missed that day at camp) and those shorts. then i made rice and saw those flowers which are at my kitchen window. then i went on the computer and made yesterday's set. and then i read and later watched so you think you can dance. and vitolio got out. ): and karla. ): i LOVED ViTOliO. and then i watched the news and ate cinnamon toast crunch. and then i slept. great day.